7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night to check how many likes or comments have you received on your Facebook status? Do you have that itch to check your twitter account every five minutes? Are you a selfie crazy who has to upload five new pictures on everyday basis! Then you are a social media addict. And if you already know this and feel that your social addiction is going out of hand, you need to do something about it right now!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    By doing something, we are not suggesting or asking you to ban social media out of your life. We know that this is not possible! However, you can have a control on the social media bug inside you who keeps demanding for communicating on social channels.

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    If you are wondering if this is possible, and how you can give yourself a break from social media, here we give you some tips to follow. You can at least try these to actually come out of the virtual world to live in the real one.

    1. Keep your phone away while dining!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    If you don't want to look like a zombie to your family, don't want to look rude to your family and friends who join you for a meal, it is important that you keep your phone away while eating with family. In fact, it is good to give yourself a break from your phone or tablet when you eat important meals of the day.

    2. Sleep with pillow, not your smartphone!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    Most of us are in a habit of checking our phones before we fall asleep, and many of us knock off to deep sleep while checking social media. This is one very tough addiction to break. But, if you try, you can give up this habit. All you have to do is to keep your electronics away from your bed, and ensure that you don't access them while you try to sleep.

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    3. Turn off notifications and alerts:

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    This is one of the best ways of maintaining distance with your phone. Simply put notification mode off for social media apps, to avoid getting distracted by the those regular alerts for notifications.

    4. Stop stalking your X, Y or Z!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    Another most common addiction that most social media lovers have is stalking! If you want to detox yourself from social media, you will really have to work on this habit. Hence, try to leave the past behind and stop stalking your ex. Also, you need to stop bugging others and killing your time by stalking someone who doesn't even care!

    5. Keep you work and social media separate:

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    Until and unless your work involves social media, simply avoid using social media during your work hours. You can fix time slots when you can check your social media accounts for five minutes at a time. You can do this during tea breaks or other breaks.

    6. Step out of virtual world and BREATHE!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    Don't kill you weekends or holidays by simply laying in bed or on your couch, and get lost in your social media world. Step out, meet people in reality, do interesting things, and make sure not to post status related to these on your social media. Remember, there is a real world beyond this virtual world you are living in!

    7. Don't update your status with anything random!

    7 Things You MUST DO for Social Media Detoxification

    If you see something interesting on social media or feel you are up to something great that does not necessarily mean that you have to share it as well. Stop sharing content on social media. Trust us, nobody is really interested in knowing whether you have shopped again or not, or if you had a pineapple ice-cream to beat the heat or prawn curry for lunch! Avoid posting every single update!

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