9 Facebook Status Updates to Build Up Active Conversations

By Ankit

    Facebook is the most popular social media service in the world, undoubtedly. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has had a mind-shifting impact on the newest as well as previous generations.

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    While many competitors like Orkut and Google+ have come and gone, there is currently no alternative to the products and services that Facebook offers. In recent times, the company has focused on building pages and forgotten people. This has lead to mass outbreaks of non-engagements on your posts.

    Here are the top 9 status update ideas that will help encourage conversation and build up your active audience.


    Everyone loves them some good ol' gossip, whether it's from their workplace or friend circle. Breaking news and that kind of information is what entices a lot of people. Try to post some insider news and make it seem ironical to create just the right amount of curiosity forcing people to engage with your post.


    While this is a guilty pleasure admitted by few, everyone loves making fun of that one weird or creepy person at office. You laugh about it but never ever make it public. Now's your time though. Point out that person on Facebook and make fun of the things that people will relate to. This is a sure shot way to get comments.


    Facebook, as a social medium, was initially set up to gather the most information you could of a specific person. Time to put that feature to use. Try and post genuine queries you have about your work, your college or just any news in general. A lot of people in your friend list may be aware about them and may be enticed to mention it in the comments or atleast tag someone relevant.


    Apart from asking general queries, you could try and get recommendations about movies, music and videos, from people that follow you. Asking a group of people about their opinion on something is always great to get conversations started. You'll also get some amazing reccos in the process!


    As mentioned in previous points, it is all about making people relate to your status updates as much as possible. Try and post about a cause or movement, like apartheid and pride, to allow people to be motivated to engage and share their opinions with you and your friends. This could lead to negative consequences too so tread carefully and diplomatically.


    Although most won't admit, everyone loves that the other person has some weaknesses, despite never bringing it up. So, if you have a major one, bring it up. On Facebook. Write about how you failed in class or can't pass the sports test and you will definitely get sympathy comments along with some sarcastic ones. Hey! You need that constructive criticism.


    A sure shot way to get some ‘Wows' and ‘Damn's from your audience is by getting mind-blowing quotes of the Internet and simply pasting them into your Facebook feed. People will act like you discovered gravity or something.


    If everything else fails, go for absurdity or creepiness because that's what everyone wonders about. Start posting random questions like ‘Where do I get a gallon of natural gas?' to focus attention of others towards your posts. They will be curious and may even send some comments and messages showing the concern.


    If you have had nothing work in your favor, these two topics are surely going to get you attention, albeit somewhat negative. Every person differs on religious and political views and thus avoid posting it on Facebook. Go ahead and post your thoughts and witness the world explode.

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