Don't Share These 7 Things on Social Media!

You need to be very cautious on what you actually share on social media as you will never know when exactly it will affect your life. Even your innocent posts could be used against you in some cases in a way you never thought was possible.

Don't Share These 7 Things on Social Media!

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We are not just tipping at the websites that track you with the ads on the social network and make use of the details to build behavioral profiles. Many people worry about how the companies are actually stealing data about you.

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You need to know that using Facebook and sharing information on the social network should be done cautiously. Before you share anything on the network, you need to know the value of your safety and privacy. Take a look at things that you should never share on social media.

When you go on a vacation

You might be tempted to express your excitement of going to a dream vacation destination through social media as others brag about the same whenever they go. You need to reconsider this as it may not be the smartest move you are taking to tell the world where you are going. If you want to share details of your trip, you can do it after you are back from the vacation instead of sharing photos in real-time. This applies to other situations such as dinner dates. a short stay with friends, etc.

Geolocation and Check-Ins

Like smartphones, your browser can also track your GPS coordinates. This is the reason that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are able to track where you are when you post updates or tweets. This is none other than geolocation. There are people who can use the geolocation details to track you down and ruin your life. Even the check-in feature provided by some social apps is dangerous. Though it is cool, it has enough risks associated with it.

Posting Complaints

When it comes to workplace, it is vital that you stay away from grieving on social media. In case you want to complain about your boss or colleagues, you shouldn't be doing that on social media. We live in a world where people complaint a lot about everything. Whatever be the reason, you should always remember the fact that social media is a vast ocean to vent your frustration. By complaining on social media, you might actually get yourself fired.

Self-Incriminating Evidence

Not all that you see on social media is legal. You might not see the heinous crimes on social media, but it actually hard to find situations where people laugh about illegal and dangerous activities such as clicking selfies on the highway, driving drunk, etc. People go to the extent of taking photos of marijuana stashes and stolen cash. By staying away from posting photos on social media, you are helping yourself escape imprisonment.

Expensive New Purchases

When it comes to bragging, people like to brag about the expensive purchases they have made on social media. It could be anything such as a new house, car, tablet, smartphone or anything. You shouldn't be doing that as this can result in jealousy among people in your circle and robbery attempts too.

Giving Personal Advice

It is not uncommon to see people who are sick asking for home remedy tips on social media. You shouldn't be offering any legal or medical advice to people over social media even if you are a lawyer or doctor. The reason is you don't know the issue completely and they need to seek professional help. It is best to stay quiet on topics such as finance, diet, weight loss, relationship, etc.

Scams, Invites, and Giveaways

Social networks are the main targets for giveaways and contests as it is easy to share from these networks. However, you need to reconsider the same as you could be annoying your friends by constantly sharing contests, invites, and giveaways. Moreover, most such contests and giveaways are scams and these are meant to spread malware or trick people by getting sensitive details.


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