Evolution of Facebook with the help of Mark Zuckerberg's Social Profile

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From a university dropout to the founder of Facebook, the fate of Mark Zuckerberg has changed like anything! Oh yes, Zuckerberg's profile on the site has evolved too.

Evolution of Facebook with the help of Zuckerberg's Social Profile

Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site which has now become a part of the life of millions of users worldwide have changed a lot over the time. Since its inception back in February 2004, from a dormitory in Harvard University the layout and the functionality of Facebook has matured over the past decade.

From the induction of Facebook Beta which was significant redesign of the user interface back in 2008 including the consolidation of Mini-Feed and Wall to addition of Timeline feature in 2011, lots have changed. In fact, most of the new users of Facebook weren't be aware of the development and changes that have occurred to their favourite website on the net.

Well, what better than to study the development of the user profiles on Facebook by having a closer look at Mark Zuckerberg's profile itself.

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While talking at a presentation in 2011, the founder of the Facebook who used to refer himself as person ‘working' at Facebook back in the time showed a sneak peek at what his profile looked like back in 2005. Well, 2005 were those days when Mark and his team where at the early development stages of a product that was about to change the world. How simplistic were the design back then!

Credits: Niall Kennedy, Flickr


As you can see, lot changed in the span of two years. The profile wasn't as dull as it looked before. Have a look at the Mini Feeds section at the top right of Mark Zuckerberg's profile and his photos including the ones uploaded by him as well as by his friends. Apart from that it now contains much more information regarding the man itself. This includes his interest, activities and current address (at the bottom right).

Credits: phys.org



Well, a lot changed during the year 2007. The profile now looks cleaner with improved graphics. The information regarding the Mark are now shown in an eye-soothing manner (yesterday's clatter is now gone!)

Credits: Social Tint



Three year can bring a lot of changes to your life. Wait I was talking about your social life! Want to find out, we'll have a look at the changes that took place on Mark Zuckerberg's profile during those 3 years. You can now ‘Poke' him! Oh yes, know his family members too. (Time to get personal!)

Credits: Blue Note Technolgies



Oh, Timeline, oh timeline! How well you changed our worlds. Sound little too cheesy? Apparently the year 2011 for Facebook was marked by the induction of the Timeline feature which changed our social profiles like never before. It goes without saying that Mark Zuckerberg was the first among the Facebook users to embrace the change. His profile now comes with a cover photo of his dog named Beast. Apart from that you can now Subscribe to his page and Make Video Calls too.

Image Credit: Niall Kennedy, Flickr


Our lives are full of event and it's time to notify our friends (on FB) about them. Hopefully that inspired Mark Zuckerberg to introduce such a feature onto his platform which was now cashing in billions. Or was it the news of his wedding with longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan on the same year, which he was dying to share with his friends!



Subscribe is now replaced with a Follow button. God gracious, have a look at his followers! But who's this Khalil? Well, he is the hacker who broke into Zuckerberg's social profile and even posted a status on his wall to alert the social networking site regarding a possible bug that had enabled him to do so.

Credits: Mashable



The dog is now gone, and his cover photo is now changed with a map graphic "of all of the friendships formed on Facebook across the world," according to one of his comments.


Time to get back to the present. Spot the Intro section stating ‘Making the world more open and connected' just below the profile picture.

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