Facebook Stalker Alert: How To Catch And Stop Stalkers On Facebook


Following someone on a social media platform and stalking a person are two very different things. Facebook and its subsidiaries - Instagram and WhatsApp have emerged as the most popular social media platforms today. These are also the platforms where users are stalked and threatened. If you feel someone is constantly watching/stalking you on Facebook, you should follow these steps.


What Is Facebook Stalking?

What Is Facebook Stalking?

Before we dive into the details, let's understand what does stalking mean. The Cambridge dictionary defines stalking as a crime of illegally following and watching someone over time. It involves following a person without being seen or heard, which reasonably and seriously alarms and terrorizes that person.

Stalking isn't limited to just physical reality. It can be done virtually and social media platforms are prime spots for stalkers. Particularly, Facebook stalking refers to following the actions of another Facebook user. This could also be excessive viewing of user's profile, their pictures, and so on. Also, Facebook stalking is where the stalker continuously messages or posts comments to the user.

How To Check If Someone Is Stalking You On Facebook?

How To Check If Someone Is Stalking You On Facebook?

There are a couple of steps to check if you're being stalked on Facebook. This could be by checking who viewed your profile, especially if that person is repeatedly viewing your Facebook profile. However, do note these steps might point to your genuine friends and family, who might be checking up on you. Here's how to check who's been viewing your profile frequently or in the worst case - stalking you:

Tip 1: Start by filtering out the updates you receive on your Feed. Facebook shows you 'people you might know' and revealing their updates. If you're getting updates from a 'friend' you don't know/interact with on Facebook, there are chances this could be a stalker. Since they're regularly visiting your profile, Facebook would begin showing their updates on your Feed.

Tip 2:

Tip 2: Check who's liking and commenting on your old photos. Facebook has been around for so long that we've been posting and sharing fragments of our life on a daily basis. If someone is stalking you, they would probably be seeing everything about you, including those photos. Do note, stalkers might not like or comment intentionally, but a like could surface accidentally, giving you the red flag.

Tip 3: See who appears in your groups. If this person is constantly appearing in the groups you follow, that's another indication of a stalker. Obviously not every stalker is going to go around liking your photos, but they could be checking out your likes and preferences - which brings us to the common groups. If you suspect someone and you find them as a member of the group you follow, it could be another red flag.

Tip 4: Check Your Friend List. That's another way of filtering out people on Facebook. People get dozens of new friend requests on Facebook, people who you may or may not know. However, there are chances that stalkers could use a fake name/persona to get inside your Facebook friend list. Checking and verifying every friend request is one way of finding your stalker.

How To Stop Facebook Stalkers?

How To Stop Facebook Stalkers?

Being victims of stalking can take a serious toll on your mental health and peace. There are a couple of ways to take on stalkers on Facebook. Firstly, you can be straightforward and cull your friend list to limiting it to people you only know. There are a couple of Facebook settings that can help you fight against stalkers. Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Filter your friends list. Facebook is one of the most open and inclusive platforms, suggesting people you may know. However, if you wish to stop stalking, get your friends list and remove those you don't know or don't wish to be part of your online social life.

Report and Block

Tip 2: Report and Block. This is one of the most popular ways to fighting against stalkers, followed by many users. If you find someone stalking you, messaging you, commenting on your photos, or worse - abusing you, you can always block this person. Plus, you can report the profile and Facebook will take it up to remove the person from its platform in the best-case scenario.

Tip 3: Set to private mode. As noted, Facebook is very open, allowing your posts and updates to be visible to a lot of people. You can always switch to a private mode, allowing only friends to view, comment, and like your photos and posts. This helps you create a bubble where only the people you trust can view your Facebook life.

You Can Tune Out Social Media Completely

You Can Tune Out Social Media Completely

Millennials are among the most affected population when it comes to Facebook stalking. Being constantly glued to their smartphones, this particular age group is prone to sharing every bit of their life online. If you're facing serious threats that are harming your mental wellbeing, the best way is to ditch a smartphone and switch to a feature phone! As difficult as it sounds, using a feature phone simplifies your life.

On a more serious note, one can always seek out professional help. Helplines and groups are available across the globe to find and fight Facebook stalkers. Plus, you can always contact the cybersecurity department of your state and ask for police help, which further helps root out stalkers.

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