Musk Revises Twitter Blue Subscription To $8; Will Be The Only Means To Verified Account

Musk Revises Twitter Blue Subscription To $8 With 'Verified' Badge

Elon Musk considers the prevalent method of Twitter account verification to be utterly bad and has decided to scrap the same. The new "Chief Twit" of the micro-blogging network has hinted that the Twitter Blue premium subscription could include the "Verified Account" blue tick badge. The current price of the subscription will be hiked as well. Let's see what are the benefits, features, and price of the revised subscription, which could include the new Blue Tick Verification system as well.


Elon Musk Scrapping Twitter's Verification System?

The sole board member and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has openly confirmed his displeasure about the prevalent verification system which Twitter uses to award the "Blue Tick". A verified Twitter account earns a blue tick beside the account name, and hence, stands apart from regular users.

Under the current system, verified accounts are awarded to users who need to be "authentic, notable, and active". An account with a blue tick lets other users know that it is owned by the person it represents. Twitter usually verifies accounts of popular celebrities, politicians, journalists, and other public figures.

Incidentally, people who have been proven to be of public interest can apply for verification if they haven't received the blue tick. Twitter seeks justification or reasoning behind the request to be verified. However, the platform does not ask for any money. In other words, the coveted Blue Tick, though reserved for high-profile users, is currently free.

Elon Musk has openly criticized Twitter for the bots and automated accounts on the platform. Additionally, he seems to have thrashed and trashed the current Blue Tick Verification system.


Needless to mention, the tweet makes Musk's feelings and intentions about the process amply clear. He seems to have scrapped the existing system. With the old system gone, it basically means anyone can just buy a verified account status via the new Twitter Blue Subscription.

Twitter Blue Subscription Revised Pricing, Features, And Benefits

Twitter introduced the verification system back in 2009. The platform added the Twitter Blue premium subscription in 2021. Twitter has been asking $4.99/month for the subscription. Moving forward, the Twitter Blue subscription will cost $8 per month, and it could expand across the world. Musk had initially suggested $20/month, but he seems to have come down on his asking price after his interaction with Stephen King.

Twitter Blue subscribers could not only get the Blue Tick checkmark, denoting a verified account, but also some benefits and perks. Musk has confirmed the benefits subscribers will get.

It appears Musk may have quietly removed a feature that allowed Twitter Blue subscribers to access some articles without ads. Instead, the new CEO might be seeking creators and publishers who are willing to work with Twitter. This could help a new revenue stream to the platform.

Twitter Blue subscription is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Musk's plans indirectly mean Twitter will have to roll out the premium subscription, with the simplified Blue Tick verification system, across the globe.

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