Finally Facebook Bids Adieu to Deleted Pictures

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Finally Facebook Bids Adieu to Deleted Pictures

Facebook, the most popular social network across the world with over 955 million active users is finally deleting those embarrassing photos that you have deleted.

For so long, Facebook has been unable to get rid of the deleted photos from its servers, pointing out that if you delete a photo, it cannot be viewed from your profile, but it can be accessed by directly typing the URLs to the images.

The social network claims that its new photo storage systems allow images to be removed permanently from the content delivery network regularly. This way, the images do not stick on to the servers of the network for more than 30 days after their deletion.

A Facebook spokesperson, Frederic Wolens was quoted saying, “As a result of work on our policies and infrastructure, we have instituted a 'max-age' of 30 days for our CDN links. However, in some cases the content will expire on the CDN much more quickly, based on a number of factors."

He added that, "To be clear, the photos stop being shown to other users on Facebook immediately when the photo is first deleted by the user. The 30-day window only applies to the cached images on the CDN.”

For users who crave for more privacy, a new browser plug-in and app called Social Protection is in the pipeline. It will create a wall around the photos while letting friends to view them. This app cum plug-in will be available only by the end of this month, only in the beta form for Internet Explorer 8 and above and Firefox 8 and above.

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