Firefox 20 Now Available for Download: Offers Enhanced Private Browsing, New Download Manager

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Mozilla has rolled out the latest update to it's Firefox browser. The new browser, Firefox 20, which is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms, brings new enhancement to private browsing and downloads manager, the ability to customize the shortcuts on the home screen with your favorite sites and support for additional HTML5 and WebRTC features.

Firefox 20 Now Available for Download: Offers Better Private browsing

Private Browsing Enhancements

The new version of Firefox offers enhanced private web browsing, which allows users to open a new private browsing window without closing or changing your current browsing session.

You can shop for a birthday gift in a private window with your existing browsing session uninterrupted.

Private browsing window can now be used to check multiple email accounts simultaneously.

Firefox for Android also supports private browsing on a per tab basis

Firefox for Android allows you to open a new private browsing tab during your current browsing session, allowing you to switch between private and standard tabs within the same browsing session.

Download Manager Enhancements

Firefox will now come new Download Manager in the Firefox toolbar which enables users to monitor, view and locate downloaded files without having to switch to another window.

The new Download Manager makes downloading files with Firefox a lot easier.

Firefox for Android now allows you to customize the shortcuts on the home screen to favorite or most frequently visited sites, which can be accessed with just a tap.

Firefox for Android now supports devices running on a less powerful processor architecture, ARMv6 processors.

Firefox also introduces getUserMedia with the update allows developers to quickly and easily write code that accesses the user's camera or microphones.

Firefox also introduces developer toolbox, which provides quick access to developer tools in one convenient window and gives developers easy-to-remember ways to switch between tools.

Canvas Blend Modes allows developers to define how they want Canvas to draw over an existing image, to create different visual effects.

You can download the latest version of Firefox browser for android from Google Play.

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