GizBot Steps Up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; And Absolutely Nails it

Drenched, doused, soaked! Call it what you want but nothing changes the fact that you just overturned a bucket of chilled H20 on your head. Well, that's the challenge. And we here at GizBot are always up for a good challenge (obviously for a good cause).

It hasn't been long since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became viral on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and others. Already we have host of big names in tech world taking it up. Unless you are one of those debby downers who aren't really up for, well, anything.


Nonetheless, when there's a will, there's a way. First came the good old bucket. And that was followed by chunks of ice (enough to put a Russian gulag to shame). And finally, all was followed by a group of enthusiastic individuals who were up for the task. Braves in times of uncertainties!

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Sure we agree that a lot of water went down the drain for the act, but a waste is only justified if it isn't for something meaningful. The ALS foundation had a dream, and to see the entire world getting into the act is more than amazing.

And personally, it's a bit of joy in an otherwise mechanical life. And us in the GizBot team were forward enough to conduct the challenge in the most exciting way possible. But salutations to all those brave souls in our organisation in Oneindia who actually came forward in the Bangalore weather that's enough to give you pneumonia.

As many as 9 different participants took up the challenge and emptied buckets on their head. But that wasn't before they also challenged a few of their own preferences. But it wasn't only GizBot. Different teams from Oneindia also made their presence felt, making it an evening to remember.

But before you head on to the drenching videos that we have listed below in the sliders, let us also tell you that GizBot was also serious when it took up the challenge. And on behalf of the entire team, $35 were donated to the ALS Foundation.

Remember: Charity begins at home; charity begins with you!

Video 1:

Challenge Accepted: Like a Boss

Here's the first one to take a dip of the old coldy. Not your average Mark Zuckerberg, but a part of family.

A Bit Nervous, Are We?

Whether you are "expecting" or "accepting" the challenge, there's no running away from the bucket (and its beholder)


How Many Can You Nominate

While the entire tech community already is in a frezy with the Ice Bucket becoming a big thing socially, here's one of us taking the opportunity to nominate as many people as possible. Watch the drama unfold here.

As Cool As it Gets

Sometimes you just need to take that first plunge to rid yourself of all the tensions and hardships. In this case, a soaking. Bring It Onnn...

Then There Are Days When You Pick Targets

If there ever was an opportunity to use the challenge as a means to get your friends wet, this is it. Carefully mark your targets and then.. well, just let it rip. Watch and Learn!

Come Fast, Go Fast, Get Wet

Again, here's one that went down without much "issues." Come swiftly, nominate people, drench youself and move on. In fact, you could even enjoy a good soaking at the later part of a day.

About Time Someone Challenged the Executioner

Sure you can nominate a boatload of people, but how about nominating the one that's soaking all others? Sweet Revenge!

Bring It On!

I came, I saw, I conquered. Nothing defines that statement any better than this. Brilliant level of confidence.

And Finally, The Brave Damsel

It's even a bigger treat when everyone chips in with their own special drenching. Here's the only brave lady out of all who never hesitated in emptying that bucket on her head. Salutations to her spirit (and sympathies for the running nose thereafter).

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