Google Links Google+ Profiles to Google Play Store Directly

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As we know Google is integrating different Google products to its social networking channel, Google+. Now Google Play Store is getting integrated to Google+. The new APK of Google Play Store revealed quite a few changes in this direction. One of the new options in the APK is ‘how the Play Store connects with Google+’. It gave the impression that you could view the app reviews on the Store through your Google+ account. 

When you go through the Play Store, either in the web format or through your Android application, you can see that all the application reviews in the store has been tagged by ‘A Google User’. This is the first step that Google has visibly taken in its restructuring plans.

Soon, it is expected that actual names of the users will replace the ’Google User’ tag. This gives rise to the probability that Google might, at some point in the future, ask the users to associate their reviews with their Google+ accounts. There are also indications that the Store would be getting Google+ sharing features too. 

Google has already started issuing requests to attach real names to any future reviews on Play Store. 

The changes that are looming up might have a very positive impact giving the reviews accountability since it would convert the reviews into powerful tools to evaluate the applications that the users discuss. However, the decision will be plagued by privacy issues as well as the general apathy that many people have towards Google+. 

However, these changes indicate that Google has finally decided to go along with its plans of integrating Google elements to Google_, in spite of the mixed feeling users have portrayed towards Google+. It is still a known fact that Google+ is yet to get so popular as Facebook or Twitter in the networking world.

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