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Posted By: Rahul

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According to a latest online study, social networking site Google+ is losing it's popularity & is on the decline. The study also said that Google+ is lagging behind competitors & is also reportedly recording negative growth rates.

According to statistics which were released during the study, users spend only 3 minutes on an average per month on Google+ which is very much less when compared to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The average time that users spend on Face book is around six to seven hours. This indicates that something is severely wrong with Google+.

During the time that the study was conducted, users spent around 8 minutes on MySpace & around 17 minutes on LinkedIn. Experts attribute the reduced Google+ popularity to Google's privacy policy which is complex as well as complicated. One more factor could be Google's order to companies to shut down their Google+ pages. This led to heavy reduction in popularity & creation of a negative wave which in turn has affected Google+ badly.

Google has said that it has some ideas in the pipeline that it believes will aid in gathering popularity for it. But the main question on everyone's mind is “ At this juncture, will these ideas lead to Google salvaging it's pride? Or will Google+ go the orkut way?”.


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