Google Babble Chat Service Rumored to Be Coming Soon

By: Anuj Bhatia

Google is surely making every effort to unify its services under one big branch. After the closure of Google Reader service, the software giant is prepping to announce few more insane services in the coming months.

One of them could be Babble: a cross-platform chat platform. Sources close to, states that Google has not been able to club its various chat services until now. Reason could be integration platform with each other or what's so ever. With Babble thing could change making Google eligible to target Facebook.

Currently dubbed as ‘Babble', it will be a cross -platform messaging service. Google has multiple messaging services; Google Talk, Google + /G+ chat, Hangouts among others. Once Babble will be out, users can share pictures and exchange messages via chat.

Google Babble Chat Service Rumored to Be Coming Soon

It is also being said that Google's individual services would be integrated into one unified platform. As of now, the end product (Google Babble) may likely to be unleashed during Google I/O in May.

The cross-platform messaging service is destined to arrive on Android and Chrome OS. It would be interesting to see whether Google Babble jumps into iOS, Windows Phone (it won't happen, even by chance) and BB 10 OS as well. Both Apple and BlackBerry has their native messaging app.

So, it is safe to say that Babble would seamlessly integrate web of messaging services offered by Google.

But with Babble, Google is not competing with neither Apple or with BlackBerry. Because Apple's iMessage service works with Apple devices only where as BBM offered on BlackBerry devices. When Google announced Google +, it was seen as a move to take on Facebook.

With Babble is in the verge to get announced sometime in May, it would be right to compare the upcoming service with Facebook. After all message sharing is social in nature. Isn't it? Google is also not disappointing Chromebook owners as well. The so-called Babble service will reach Chrome OS also apart from Android. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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