Google Plus Introduces New Embedded Post Feature To Help Content Creators

By Akash

Google+ received some new features yesterday, thereby making the social network more open to other social ecosystems. These changes are designed to benefit content creators and their content in a big way.

Google Plus Releases New Embedded Post Feature To aid Content Creators

The first feature is a new tool that will allow users to embed public Google+ posts on other sites. This means that if you're a journalist, blogger or some kind of content creator, you can embed public Google posts on other sites.

So let's say you wish to highlight a Google + post within a news story on your blog. All you have to do is click the "Embed Post" button from the drop down menu which can be found on the posts upper right-hand corner. Google gives you a line of code, which you can take and paste to embed the post, including text and photos. These posts allow for a new level of interaction since users can now +1 a post and add comments. The feature is being tested on National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and many more publications.

"In addition to sites like WordPress and Typepad, many of you (in fact, millions of you) are posting content on Google+. We want to make it easy to expand your audience across the web," wrote Seth Sternberg, Director of Google+ Platform."

The next feature happens to be Author Attribution which basically links an author's web article or blog post to his respective Google+ profile. So, take for instance, you use your Google+ account to login with Typepad, then your post will be automatically linked back to your Google+ profile. Also, in theory, users of WordPress or TypePad, the two supported publishing platforms, can expect the posts they publish to be enriched with extra data in Google search results and in Google News, thereby allowing for more traffic.

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