Google Maps Integrated With Embed Feature: Whats New?

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Google Maps has been helping a lot of people throughout the world in several different ways. Now the search engine giant has just announced the roll out of a new feature to the popular maps. The company also announced its plans to include ads in these embedded maps in the coming weeks.

Google Maps Integrated With Embed Feature: Whats New?

The update is a minor one which will enable the users to 'embed' the map into their websites.

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The Google Maps embed feature is not new but just redesigned. As we already have seen the Google Maps in various websites that shows the direction to the restaurant, hotel or any place that we want to go. But these maps were very outdated and didn't show much features.

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Thus these embedded Google Maps will take various advantages from the new features that comes with the update.

To talk about features, users can now go to their saved places, use that as a gauge to determine how far a certain place is from your home, and users will also be able to save those locations and view it from their mobile device as well.

However, the new Google Maps is still in a preview mode but users can expect the roll out in the coming weeks.

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