Google Renames Circles In Google+ As Find People

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The Social networking site Google+ has renamed its "Circles" to "Find People". The move to rename the icon comes as a part of making the interface easier to use. The company says this will also make navigation easier for users who are unaware of Google+ circles.

There are a huge number of people signing up with Google+ everyday and people may miss out on seeing recently joined friends and colleagues. This new icon will help people find their friends and colleagues and add them to their list. The button ‘Find People' will navigate a user to the page containing suggestions of friends that can be added to contacts. The suggestion list consists of people from various backgrounds including the ones in Gmail accounts of users.

Google Renames Circles In Google+ As Find People

The social networking site also consists of ‘Connect Services' button which has options to link the accounts of Yahoo and Hotmail users to Google+ profile. This option of linking accounts help users add more contacts. Only the icon is renamed and this does not change the way the icon works, users can still add more colleagues, friends and family to their contact list.

Google had finally relented and renamed the icon because users of Facebook and Twitter did not have any idea what Google+ circles are all about. Google+ also allows users to check for contacts manually in case there are no suggestions preferred by the user in the list. The update is available to everyone at the moment. However, Google+ is hinting a bigger change by its recent move.

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