Google To Compete With Spotify, As It Launches Subscription Based Music Service

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Rumours of Google looking to introduce a subscription based music service came earlier this year and what do you know, Google officially announced the service at the I/O meet. Google Play Music All Access service will let users stream music content on-demand, on their computer or Android device. The service is going to be a new subset of already existing music service on Google Play.

Google Launches Subscription Based Music Service

With all access users will be able to listen to unlimited songs, create custom radio from any song, artist or album, enjoy radio without skip limits and get smart recommendations based on your tastes. This is of-course a paid service and will cost $9.99 per month. However, Google is offering 30 day trial for users and people who sign up to the service before June 30, will get a limited-time discount price of $7.99 per month.

US users can sign up for the service at the Google Play Store or with updated Google Play Music app for Android. No clue on when the service will be made available for Indian users. The already existing Spotify, offers a similar service and probably and is quite very popular, so how does Google' All Access compare to it? Cnet has some answers to that. A report from them says, Spotify has a more exhaustive selection of content and offers broader OS, hardware support, more flexible payment plans and also allows users to share music via social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Looks like Google does have some catching up to do, but there no doubt about it being a formidable opponent to Spotify.

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