Google Wishes Happy Holidays To Users Via Today's Doodle

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Google has already been exciting their users with a regular doodle that are being placed in their search engine. Today the company has put another one that notes the Christmas Eve. A couple of days back the company highlighted the Winter Solstice with a doodle that showed a pair of hands weaving a glove.

Google Wishes Happy Holidays To Users Via Today's Doodle

However, the one that has been featured in the Google homepage today, shows two children in an open sleigh drawn by a horse in the open snow field. This is obviously how the company has decided to highlight Christmas Eve.

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But compared to all the other doodle this seems to be a bit boring one. At least the company should have put an animated one if not interactive. While you hover your cursor over the image, the message Happy Holidays appears.

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The image shows trees without leaves on it and snow makes the scene quite wintry.

The doodle is self explanatory, while there are several other doodles that have appeared online withing this year. The ones with an interactive game, others animated and image. While there were also a doodle that came up as a result of a competition among young children in India.

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