Google Wishes Happy Women's Day To All Via Today's Doodle

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Today is a special day for all the women as the world celebrates the glory of womanhood in a form of the International Women's Day today. Making the day more inspirational, in the webosphere, the loudest software giant Google has posted a doodle which highlights the same occasion. In fact the day was originally celebrated in Eastern Europe as International Working Women's Day.

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The doodle comes with a video featuring over 100 women, including the President of Lithuania, the brave Pakistani education activist, and lot more. While the music to the video is provided by the Belgian Congolese vocal group Zap Mama. The doodle celebrates the "amazing things women around the world have done and continue to do". At the end of the video the doodle reads, "Happy International Women's Day."

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The doodle in fact, is a collection of videos from all corners of the world from different countries. In the UK, it features Camila Batmanghelidjh, who founded the place2be and Kids Company, caring for 17,000 children and young in London and Katelyn Donnelly, executive director of the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund.

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Ryan Germick, Google doodle's team leader, said that it was a quick glimpse of what some women across the world were doing. He further explained, "We're just going for people doing great things. A 20-part DVD wouldn't have scratched the surface. We decided with the doodle format we could probably do a fun video."

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