Google Festivus: Christmas Easter Egg Shows Image of Aluminum Pole in Search

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Numerous hidden visuals and gags are usual things on Google's search while entering the keywords. This year Easter Eggs capture the attention of the user's with Christmas and Fetivus round the corner.

To mark the significance of Festivus, a secular holiday on December 23, celebrated as an alternative to Christmas, Easter Eggs are incorporated by Google. Festivus is a way to commemorate the Christmas season in a simple way without participating in commercial events.

Fetivus has become a popular culture since 1997 after it was featured in an American TV episode Seinfeld. The show featured George Coztanza's father telling the idea he came up with to celebrate Christmas without commercialism.

Google Festivus: Christmas Easter Egg Shows Image of Aluminum Pole

An undecorated aluminum Festivus pole will appear on the left-side of the search page as one enters Festivus in Google. Another Easter egg has also been introduced by Google, as a tribute to Christmas. To view this, just type Christmas in Google and one can find a aptly-decorated egg appearing below the search bar.

Easter eggs were previously introduced by Google in April this year. This egg offers something else. All one needs to do to view this egg is to type "Zerg Rush" which will fill the screen with a bunch of little Os from the Google logo. Break all the Os before it wipes away the search results.

The scores of the game can also be shared using Google+. Google's "Let it Snow" released last year for Christmas was also a surprise as one can find snow flakes falling on the screen as one enters in the keyword. The search engine also used Easter eggs last year to mark the Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

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