Happy Birthday Google! Search Engines Enters Sweet Sixteen

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Birthdays are always fun. And although it is just acknowledging of the fact that you are getting old (wonder what's so good about it), we still manage to make it big. And the latest birthday boy (or girl) in town today is Google which just turned 16.

As always, Google has decided to celebrate its birthday with a brand new Google Doodle that marks the search engine's 16 years in the business. Hence, our little Google is finally maturing into adulthood *drum roll*.

Happy Birthday Google! Search Engines Enters Sweet Sixteen

In the new animated Doodle that Google has put up for the event, the entire logo has been anthropomorphized yet again. It shows a sort of parental-like 'G' wearing a party hat and makes pencil marks on the 'white wall' next to it. It first measures the height of the red 'o' and then that of the taller green 'l'.

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The Doodle is as good as ever. Apparently, the ‘o' at first seems ecstatic at having grown so much since the last recording, but later appears to be a bit downed upon the realisation that the ‘l' is so much bigger.

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As far as a bit of history is concerned, Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. However, its official birthday has been up for debate after the search engine previously celebrated its birthday on the 7 and 8 September. So says Google fan site Specblo.

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