Indian Facebook users frustrated

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Indian Facebook users frustrated

Users of Facebook have reportedly vented out their frustration. With Facebook unavailable for users yesterday, the feedback hasn't been all that encouraging. Accessing Facebook from computers was not possible for many users yesterday.

This has frustrated users to a great extent, say reports. When people tried to access the social networking site using the Firefox browser an error message saying “Server Not Found. Firefox can't find the server at” was displayed. People across various countries of the world reported inconvenience. They also said that their businesses suffered due to non-availability of Facebook.


This is not great news for the social networking site. Experts say that since user resentment was observed, this will benefit rival sites the maximum. They also state that Twitter was the biggest gainer due to the Facebook technical glitch.

Only the mobile versions of Facebook and Facebook apps worked yesterday in some countries. Through this we can come to know that the social networking giant lost considerable ground. But will it regain it's lost ground? Only time will tell.

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