Indian Mobile Internet User Count may reach 165mn by March 2015 [REPORT]

By: Gizbot Bureau

The mobile internet users in India are increasing everyday and reports from the Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB say the count is expected to reach 165mn by 2015. There is going to be a steep increase in numbers from the present. This increase is due to the increase in people accessing internet through mobiles.

The report gives a clear picture of a sudden rise in the numbers. It was 78.7mn users in October 2012 which reached 87.1mn in December 2012. It is now expected that the numbers will shoot up to 92.9mn in March 2013, 130.6mn in March 2014 and 164.8mn by March 2015.

Indian Mobile Internet User Count may reach 165mn by March 2015

The study shows that there were only 4.1mn mobile internet users in 2009. Of the 78.1mn mobile internet users in 2012 December, 61mn were Off-deck users (using sites other than that of the operator) and 15mn were On-deck users (accessing sites defined by the operator). The remaining 2.7mn used internet through 3G, 2G or high-speed data cards.

The study also gives information about the mobile phone bills of the users who access internet through their mobiles. The bills stand at Rs.460 out of which Rs.198 is spent on internet. The trend is healthy suggesting that users are willing to spend 40 per cent of their mobile bills accessing the internet although the rest is spent on voice services.

Social networking sites, emails are highly used among the people who access internet through mobile phones. While 50 per cent of the users access video games,surprisingly only 30 per cent of them read online news and watch online videos on their mobile phones.

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