Instagram Introduces Profile Pages: Opens Access to All Users

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Instagram Introduces Profile Pages: Opens Access to All Users

Those who have been using Instagram for a while might clearly know the limitations of the platform. Web integration capabilities have been restrictive to a great extent and a lot of users have been requesting for more features to transform Instagram into a fully fledged platform.

Instagram has finally responded to these requests and has introduced new profile pages which allow users with laptops and PCs to connect with the platform. Until now, the service was limited for smartphones and tablets, but the new profile page system will project the Instagram universe on the big screen. A new layout which resembles that of Facebook has been used in the new profile pages.

Users can have a look at their profile from this linkby adding the user name to the yourusername section. This service is currently inactive and will restart its functioning from the coming week. Instagram has assured users that they will introduce the new profile service for public use quite soon. Users will have the liberty to alter the privacy settings of their new profiles. The privacy settings chosen in the Instagram app will be retained in the new profile pages.

Images can be uploaded via mobile devices only. This means that users will need to take pictures using the Instagram app in order to upload it to the online platform. This new profile system has been introduced mainly for sharpening the discovery skills which Instagram needs for promoting its popularity. Instagram expects that more users will be attracted to its service once it breaks its mould secluded by mobile devices.

Users will be able to add photo collection of any user to their RSS feed with the integration of the new profile system. Users will also be able to follow their favorite users much more conveniently.

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