Instagram to Delete User Accounts Due To Technical Issues.. Really?

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There is rumour currently circulating on Instagram that the photo sharing site will be deleting user accounts, due to some technical difficulties. The rumour was spread as an Instagram images asking users to the image with the don't deletemyaccount Hashtag. As funny as this seams, people have actually fallen for it. Apparently over 275,000 copies of these images have been shared, so far and some of the users are actually worried.

Instagram to Delete User Accounts Due To Technical Issues.. Really?

These sort of rumours are as old as social-networking sites. You must have seen it before, posts like share this post with 10 of your friends or else you will die with in the next week or the classic spell out a dead woman's name 10 times on other people's walls or else she will come and haunt you. The concept is pretty much the same thing, these rumours are designed to set panic in the hearts of users, in order to make them do stupid things.

If you are still worried, Instagram has not made any public announcement about the account deletion and is highly unlikely that such a thing would happen. Believe it, something like this would cost more to the company then you. No service would like loosing users, so if you plans of sharing this image do it for the sake of fun, no need to panic, atleast not yet.

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