Know your three Facebook passwords

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Know your three Facebook passwords

This is quite interesting. You can log on to your Facebook account with three passwords! Obviously, the first one is the main password that you have created. Wondering what the others are? You can make two others by simply toggling the case of the letters in the password.

For instance, assume your Facebook password is internEt. You can convert the lowercase letters to uppercase and the vice versa, making it INTERNeT. This will become your second Facebook password. This will also let you log in to your account.

There is one more variation. If the first character of your password is in lower case as in internEt, just change it to capital like InternEt. Even this will take you to your Facebook account. You can try these variations using your own password on the Facebook login screen.

You can think why the social network is allowing multiple passwords. As per the firm, it accepts three forms of the password to help the users to overcome the most common reasons that reject the authentic logins.

Sometimes, you may unknowingly type the password with the Caps lock on. In some cases, the mobile devices automatically capitalize the first letter of the password. These are the two reasons behind the variants of the password.

Go ahead and try this on your Facebook account. No need to check the Caps Lock from now on to log on to the social network. Isn't this amazing?

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