LinkedIn Revamps its Job Search Page, Seeking Higher Engagement

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According to a latest report by Slashgear, LinkedIn has renewe its job search engine, and the move is to help its users find jobs and careers effortlessly. A bunch of new features is being added to the new version of job page, and this is going to make job search an easy affair for LinkedIn users.

The job search engine has been revamped as a whole and is all set to get a new look and feel. The newly added features in the job search lists will enable users find jobs that match qualities that interest users.

LinkedIn Revamps its Job Search Page, Seeking Higher Engagement

"First degree connection" is one major feature being added to LinkedIn calls. The job site of LinkedIn will show users, some important names in companies through whom they will be able to get a rewarding job through front doors.

This "first degree connection" system is something similar to that of mutual friends system found in Facebook. The only difference between Facebook and LinkedIn job site is that these contacts known as "first degree connection" will be keys for a new career rather than just being friends.

Users can also have the comfort of searching jobs in a particular country, area, function and industry. These additional features will enable users to find a job that matches up with the career interests of users. Users will be able to find a specific career to address their job needs.

Users can also view the latest job postings through this job site. The site is now enabled with a "Save Job" button which allows users to keep a track on their favorite job postings. All these new features and additions to the job site will be rolled out within next few weeks for LinkedIn users.

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