Microsoft Ask Users to Dump Google This Valentines Day

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Microsoft is planning to discontinue all its affairs with Google stating it as an untrustworthy partner. The company now wants to break the bond desperately and is planning to do it on Valentine's Day. The survey says at least one among 10 people end their relationships on Valentine's Day and the company also likes to end its association with the search giant the same day.

Microsoft in a press release stated that nobody would like to date someone who is not trustworthy, and that is what Microsoft is trying to do by terminating its contract with Google. The company also pointed out that Google is being unfair to its users and displays shopping ads only from merchants who pay well for their ranking.

Microsoft Ask Users to Dump Google This Valentines Day

Microsoft, on the other hand, is planning a new relationship with Bing and they feel Bing is fair to all its users and that it offers honest results displayed across the web. The company, Microsoft, earlier in November 2012, had organized a campaign that portrayed Google as a lousy guide in Shopping.
Google is a giant dominating the internet and Bing come only next to Google. The latest data reveals that Google rules the internet market by 90.47 per cent, a whopping share while Bing got only 3.3 per cent.

Google does not ask for any payment, from websites to be listed in its main database. For example, a query made for computers or mobile phones will include the database of merchants who have not paid to be included.

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