NBC Website Spreading Malware After Hacked, Say Experts

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NBC, the National Broadcasting Company of US is the latest of the higher-profile organization that has fallen victim to cybercrime. The cyber attack aimed at NBC utilized Redkit, a toolkit for cyber crimes. The toolkit delivered a banking malware called Citadel. The organization was quick enough to act towards the incident and has cleaned its promotional site. NBC news had admitted the problem on NBC.com.

The news website was hacked with an aim of infecting online visitors, but the malware content on the site came up only recently limiting the infections caused. The organization was also prompt in adopting measures needed to solve the issue. The homepage of the news website was infected along with the pages of talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno.

NBC Website Spreading Malware After Hacked, Say Experts

The hacked pages were adjusted to include some malicious Java Script that ran on users' browser and the Java script injected an HTML element called IFRAME into the web page. IFRAME, further, absorbed other malicious text from websites that were infected with a Redkit. Redkit is capable of delivering exploit files that may acquire complete control over the browser through a PDF bug.

The number of people affected by the malware is not known at the moment. NBC has said that it is aware of the problem and that it is working on it. It also assured that the problem will be resolved at the earliest. Researcher Ronald Prins of Fox-IT, Netherlands was deeply appreciated by NBC news for tweeting about the problem.

The researcher was the first to send out a warning tweet on the problem. An in-depth analysis of the cyber-attack by Fox-IT can be found here.

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