Is Facebook trying to come in-line with Netflix?

Facebook may not renew the live-streaming deals, after all.

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Rumor has it that Facebook may not renew the live-streaming (Live Video) deals it signed with various publishers and celebrities last year. Instead, the social media giant will reportedly focus on “longer, premium video content” akin to what you see on Netflix and the like.

Is Facebook trying to come in-line with Netflix?

Live Video tool was one of the ambitious projects of Facebook last year. In fact, Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg) were so obsessed with live-streaming that they even paid publishers and celebrities to create live videos. However, cut to today, as Recode reports, Facebook is “de-emphasizing live video” when in talks with the publishers.

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Recode’s report also suggests that these publishers whom Facebook had signed one-year deals with don’t expect the company to renew their contracts. In fact, publishers themselves are not interested in creating Live Videos or renewing the deal since the amount of money offered by Facebook was “not significant enough to merit the time and resources it took to produce,” the Live Videos. 

So, what happens to Facebook’s Live Videos next. Well, nothings going to change, you’ll still see live videos on your news feed only there will be a drop in a number of “professionally” produced live-streams you see on a daily basis. 

Also, as Recode reports, Facebook is urging the publishers to create “longer, premium video content” to “get more high-quality video onto the platform” similar to what you find on Netflix. 


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