Metaverse Will Not Charge Any Transaction/Platform Fee: Takes A Dig On Apple


Metaverse by Facebook will not just be another social media platform, as Zuckerberg has a much bigger plan for the upcoming AR/VR-based platform for both users and content creators. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, the company that owns platforms like Metaverse, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has now shared some interesting information on what metaverse means for content creators.

Metaverse Will Not Charge Any Transaction/Platform Fee: Takes A Dig On

According to the series of posts made on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, the company will not levy charges any platform charges or fees on Metaverse like Apple, which currently takes a 30 percent cut on each transaction made on Apple devices.

Zero Platform Fee

According to Zuckerberg, the company will soon release a promotional link for creators, where, creators will be able to configure their subscription offerings. When users subscribe using those links, creators can keep all their earning minus the taxes.

The CEO of Meta also confirms that the content creators will have more ownership of their audience, where, the content creators will be able to download the e-mails of the new subscribers.

Though it does look like a great feature for creators, it does sound a bit hasty for users, where, their data will be shared with the content creators. Not just that, the company will soon offer a bonus program, where, meta will pay the creators for each new subscriber.

This is a part of the $1 billion creator investment announced this summer. This means, the metaverse is luring more content creators to their platform, which will make the platform rich in terms of content and attract more users.

An Elite Social Media Platform?

Most of the social media platforms owned by meta are currently do charge anything to users. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram make money through advertisements, which helps the brand to make a profit while keeping the services free.


Metaverse might not work in that fashion. As of now, a user needs additional hardware gear to access metaverse. On top of that, most of the services, games, and apps inside the metaverse are expected to have some kind of subscription model. This could have a vast effect on the rate of adaptability when compared to free social media platforms.

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