New Social Media Rules Revised In India; Aims To Protect Constitutional Rights


Social media platforms in India have new rules and regulations to follow, which were recently drafted but withdrawn soon after. The Indian government has reissued the rules for social media platforms without making changes to the original draft. The rules were required as social media were violating constitutional rights, the government said.

New Social Media Rules Revised In India: All You Need To Know

New Rules For Social Media In India

The original draft by the Indian IT ministry brought new rules to the law. This would require social media platforms to respect the rights accorded to the citizens under the constitution of India. Companies would also require to set up a government panel to hear appeals.

This would be different from the grievance officer that companies were mandated to have. To note, the government first announced the new rules but later withdrew them abruptly. It once again released the same draft on June 6, noting that changes won't be made to the original draft.

"A number of (technology) Intermediaries have acted in violation of constitutional rights of Indian citizens," the government said. However, it refrained from mentioning a specific company or the specific right that was violated. The new rules would tighten regulations around firms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

New Social Media Rules Revised In India: All You Need To Know

What The New Rules Mean To Social Media In India

Social media platforms in India have been under the limelight for various reasons in the country for the past few years. Looking back, various data leaks and mismanagement from social media channels like Facebook have received backlash from the Indian government.

The new rule by the Indian government proposes would compel social media platforms to take responsible measures to ensure the accessibility of their services to users. Additionally, companies to have reasonable expectations "of due diligence, privacy, and transparency".

Additionally, social media companies would also require to acknowledge "takedown requests of unlawful, misleading, and violent content within 24 hours." It would also require social media to deliver a complete redressal within 15 days.


The new rules pose a challenge to tech giants in India, including names like Google, Meta, and relatively new firms like Koo. It would also give more power and control to the Indian government, which has been a reason for concern for many.

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