Twitter Employees Tremble About Elon Musk’s Post Acquisition Plans: Is Their Fear Valid?

Twitter Employees Tremble About Elon Musk’s Post Acquisition Plans

Twitter as a company, and its employees, have been on a rollercoaster of emotions ever since Elon Musk became one of the social media platform's largest shareholders this year. Musk's ambitious plans have put Twitter's entire workforce on edge. But there's little they can do if the $44 billion acquisition goes through. Under the prevalent circumstances, do either Musk or Twitter employees even want the deal to go through?


Can Elon Musk Make Sweeping Changes To Twitter, And Will He?

Elon Musk's ambitious plans for Twitter do not seem to include the majority of the social media platform's employees. Twitter's workforce has been on edge due to Musk's rumored revamp, and their fears may be valid.

Musk is one of Twitter's largest shareholders. He has an obligation to close the deal by October 24. In case he goes through with the acquisition, Musk will become the owner of Twitter, and the platform will go from a publicly listed company to a privately held enterprise. This could significantly increase Musk's power over Twitter.

It could be easy for Musk to downsize Twitter. Moreover, he could implement a much more stringent salary structure. Musk clearly intends to run Twitter on a lean budget. He wants to double the platform's revenue in three years

Does Musk Intend To Alter The Way Twitter Operates?

With the deal still at the original valuation, Elon Musk is paying $54.20 a share for Twitter. Musk claims he is overpaying for Twitter as the platform's stock price has tumbled.

There's little doubt that Musk would quickly get to work and make sweeping changes at Twitter if he ends up acquiring the platform. Twitter's employees are reportedly downloading and preserving contracts governing equities, payouts, and other monetary aspects. However, the changes Musk is reportedly envisioning, could go way beyond salaries, compensations, and other rewards.


Musk has been openly vocal about Twitter's apparent stance and attitude toward free speech and censorship. The Tesla CEO has previously indicated he wants more free speech on the platform. Additionally, he could introduce more avenues to earn from Twitter's users.

It is obvious that Musk has several plans for Twitter. However, he could be concerned about facing some internal resistance. Letting the majority of Twitter employees go, could allow Musk to quickly and quietly execute his ideas with little or no resistance.

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