Twitter Workforce Speculated to Shrink By 90 Percent After Musk's "Hardcore" Internal Email

Twitter Workforce Speculated to Shrink By 90 Percent

Twitter is experiencing chaos, and it's not just on the social media platform, but also at the backend. The micro-blogging network has reportedly shuttered its offices, and official badges of employees are being suspended. It appears the dire situation arrived after Elon Musk reportedly gave Twitter employees an ultimatum to either leave or go 'hardcore'.


A large number of employees could be opting to leave Twitter with the severance pay they are entitled to. Only a tiny percentage of people seem to have chosen to stay, and be "hardcore".

Twitter Shutters Office Until November 21 And Revokes Access

Twitter reportedly sent an email to its employees saying the company is shutting offices temporarily and disabling badge access until November 21. The drastic step appears to be the result of an email titled "A fork in the road" that Elon Musk sent on Wednesday, November 16.

The email essentially ordered employees to sign an online form by 3:30 AM IST (early Thursday morning) committing to "long hours at high intensity", or "go home". Musk also mentioned that Twitter will need to be "extremely hardcore, which means the employees will have to work long hours at high intensity". The email concluded by saying:

"If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below."

A vast number of Twitter's employees seem to have opted for the "go home" option, which may have forced the company's administration to take some drastic measures.

Mass Exodus Has Already Started At Twitter?

Right after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he fired the top management. Thereafter, the entire board of directors was disbanded. Twitter fired half of its global workforce. This was followed by resignations from Twitter's top executives who were responsible for safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

Needless to say, Twitter could be in peril. Elon Musk's email to the remaining employees may have been the last straw, indicated Blind, a workplace app that allows anonymous conversations. Reuters reported several Twitter employees revealed some shocking details about the employee exodus on the Blind app.


Twitter hasn't officially confirmed mass resignations from the company. However, reports indicate several employees who ensured critical infrastructure remained functioning, have resigned.

It appears Musk underestimated the number of employees refusing to sign the form confirming their pledge to work "hardcore". With 50 percent workforce already gone, the mass resignations might shrink Twitter's employee count by as much as 90 percent. However, as the chaos at Twitter hasn't ended yet, the final attrition results aren't available.

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