Two ideas on which Facebook building 8 is working to bring AR and VR

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Facebook has been secretly working on multiple hardware-based projects for the past one year. There is a top secret division in Facebook called 'Building 8', working on four projects simultaneously, that has to be dealt with cameras and Augmented Reality. The company revealed all these information during its annual F8 Developer conference.

Two ideas on which Facebook building 8 is Working to Bring AR and VR

Building 8 is headed by Regina Dugan, who previously worked with Google and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). As per Dugan, Facebook is working on two ideas -- First is the technology that could let people say directly from their brains.

The the sensor will be paired automatically with the device like laptop or smartphone and function like dictating to Apple's Siri without your voice. At the event, Facebook also showcased the technology by letting a person with ALS type with their brain.

Two ideas on which Facebook building 8 is Working to Bring AR and VR

The computer typed around 8 words in a minute translating from her brain. Also, Dugan wants this technology to be precise as it should say just 'mmm' when thought.

While the other could allow people to understand and feel words through touch. This tech tracks the acoustic of brain and translates into words. Moreover, the company showcased how they did it with a total of nine words to one of their employees with tactile vocabulary. This lets people feel the words by touching the skin, by creating artificial cochlea ear on the skin.

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Moreover, the company is also working AR technology, that it could one day replace the smartphones by overlaying virtual info in reality. This tech will be controlled by a huge app, where the company is working on.

As per the company and other executives, the end goal of this very tech is to have a light glasses, that can display virtual objects onto the world around you. Additionally, the first AR-equipped eyewear is expected to feature some sort of brain-controlled input.

Schroepfer of Building 8's brain-to-computer said that, "If you are just able to move your eyes and do a single click from your brain, which is just a single-bit signal, I've now just rebuilt the mouse."

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