Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!


If a stranger come up to you and ask to provide all your personal information, including date of birth, all your photos, contact details and your friends' details just in an exchange for play a game, would you agree?

Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!

This is what nearly 18 million people have taken a delightful little Facebook "quiz" that display their most-often used word. Recently, an online quiz called "Word Cloud," that illustrates words that you use the most on Facebook has gone viral.

A blog post by a security website Comparitech calls the most used words quiz is a privacy nightmare, that scans all the user information and the user give up almost every private details about themselves.

The quiz created by a company called, requires users to sign up to the app using their Facebook login details. It asks for access to different aspects of a users profile including what is listed on public profiles and friends list.

Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!

Here is the problem, Comparitech claims that the quiz's terms of use allows Vonvon to store users data for an unlimited amount of time on its servers in many countries around the world and with third parties. Further, the company is free to sell user identifiable data such as IP address, birth date and educational history and other details to anybody, for a profit.

Well, it claims you have given it permission to do so by reading its privacy policy. Once all users data is passed to third parties, it is no longer covered by the privacy policy. It means, those third party companies can do whatever they want with all your personal data.

Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!

As you click through to participate the quiz by Vonvon and agreed to their privacy policy. This is not different from the majority of Facebook quizzes. So here are the privacy policy you end up giving to play the quiz.

All your public information: name, profile picture, age, sex, birthday, etc.

Everything you've ever posted on your timeline

Your entire Friends list

*All of your photos and photos you're tagged in

*Education history

*Hometown and current city

*Everything you've ever liked

*IP address

*Info about the device you're using including browser and language

These privacy policy seem to look fairly standard and may be not even alarming the privacy to make an info-graph out of your Facebook data. Even if you thing that you have nothing to hide or any personal information on your Facebook, the app also collects a fair bit of details about your friends!

Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!

"Who Are the Hottest Friends Around You?" "What Do People Talk Behind My Back?," "What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook?" are few trending among hundreds of quizzes, created by Vonvon, that require Facebook users to log in. now, the online security experts are calling this practice a privacy nightmare.

"These are some false rumours. We don't really get any meaningful information when people use our apps. And when they share it on their walls, it really doesn't have much information about them," said Jonghwa Kim, CEO of Vonvon, in response to the Comparitech.

The truth: Quiz companies are not providing free stuffs, they collect data, even if they are not selling it. They do for their won algorithms to better target a market.

Here's what you gave up, for the price of that one Facebook quiz!

If you have used the app, here is how to delete it from your Facebook.

Go to Settings >> Click On Apps >> Select edit setting or remove apps.

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