Now Tweet by Satellite

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Now Tweet by Satellite

Twitter, the micro-blogging site has announced a partnership with the major satellite providers in order to offer the subscribers to access the Twitter SMS which the original text based service of Twitter.

The company has joined in partnership with Thuraya and Iridium which are the largest satellite providers in the world to increase the people using the Twitter SMS across the world. This new partnership will surely help the global access of the network to a great extent.

Now, for instance when users in a war zone or when a natural disaster has happened and they like to contact others to share news or stay informed, Twitter can help them even when the internet and phone lines are inaccessible.

The cell towers can be knocked offline due to weather conditions and natural disasters but the satellite networks are stable.

When Twitter was debuted in 2006, the standard SMS feature was its roots and later after encountering growth, it moved from this to launch its own platform.

However, Twitter allows users to send tweets through SMS which has made the network popular in many parts of the world that has low mobile broadband connectivity. Users with the Twitter SMS support can use the short codes.

Even for those carriers who do not support the feature, the company has set up long codes that can help people to send tweets. This has already been set up in Finland, Germany and UK and are limited only to outgoing tweets.

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