Number of global social media users

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Number of global social media users

Social media sites pave way for interactive communication between organizations, communities and individuals. It is defined as a set of web based applications that allow creation and exchange of user generated content.

The social media are of different forms such as weblogs, social blogs, Internet forums, wikis, social networks, videos and more. These sites are gaining immense popularity in the recent times. The universe of the social media sites is expanding at a constant pace. Check out the number of active users in some of the famous sites.

1. Facebook – 901million+ active users

2. YouTube – 800 million+ monthly users

3. Twitter – 230 million+ users

4. Google+ - 170 million+ users

5. LinkedIn – 161 million+ users

6. Foursquare – 15 million + users

7. Pinterest 6 million+ users

There are some drawbacks associated with the social media especially, when they are extensively used. It is up to the users as they can benefit a lot from these networks if they use them wisely.

What are the social media sites that you are using? Tell us in the comments section below.

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