President Barack Obama's 'Four More Years' Tweet Sets Record

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President Barack Obama's 'Four More Years' Tweet Sets Record

US President Barack Obama may have won a second term last night, but, there is another new feather in his cap as his victory tweet as become the most retweeted message from his account.

Obama's tweet has a photo of him and his wife Michelle Obama embracing accompanied by the words “Four more years”. This tweet has earned over 670,000 retweets within few hours and it is still counting. Moreover, the tweet has been marked as favourite by over 70,000 Twitter users.

Another tweet, sent from his account shortly earlier, was close behind with almost 200,000 retweets. In it he thanked his supporters, writing: "This happened because of you. Thank you."

Twitter doesn’t release specific data on their most popular tweets, but enterprising bloggers take it upon themselves to create their own lists.

This image of Barack and Michelle Obama now has another claim stating that It has quickly became "the most-liked Facebook photo of all time" with over 2.1 million likes, according several reports.

Twitter has shared some new stats from Election Day claiming that there were 31 million tweets about the event with 327,452 tweets per minute when the results of the election were called by media, thereby making this year’s election the most-tweeted-about day in history of social media so far.

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