SEBI joins social networks

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SEBI joins social networks

SEBI, the market watchdog joins the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and also blogs to spread the message to the investors and also to snoop discussions as a part of their oversight and investigation activities.

Securities and Exchange Board of India is looking to hire IT officers who will be responsible to keep track of social networks and blogs and the comments, discussions and other market related details.

It is also planning to have its official presence on the social networks to strengthen the information dissemination process for the investors and market participants.

Even RBI, a financial sector regulator is considering to have its presence on the social media like Twitter. A survey was conducted by RBI to check if it should have a web interface with interactive features like forums, chat and blog on the website and also a Twitter account.

The PMO has already started on Twitter and is exploring presence on Facebook. A large number of global organizations and governments have started with this to collect public views.

Experts claim that the social media is an effective place to spread the information and they are used by various departments. The other blogs that the investors refer to might have unconfirmed information and so starting there own is always good.

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