Social Media helping police to apprehend criminals

Posted By: Rahul

Social Media helping police to apprehend criminals

Social Media is not only a social interaction platform but is also an effective crime-buster as well. Police all over the world are using various social media sites to apprehend criminals. This is surely good news for the beleaguered social media. People(even authorities) all over the world are criticizing the social platform for their disadvantages. But the positive side of social networking also needs appreciation.

We can come across many instances in which police have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter etc to monitor suspects & criminals. Just by monitoring the Facebook activities of the suspects, police can easily apprehend them. In some high profile murder cases, police could nab the criminals by circulating the suspects' sketches over Facebook. This in turn resulted in these sketches being noticed by a large number of people. Finally, the culprit could be nabbed as some people reported to seeing the suspect before the crime.

Even relatives of various suspects came with vital information. This information helped the police to a great extent. Even the Federal Bureau Of Investigation(F.B.I) uses social media to trace the origin & various other details about suspects/criminals. In spite of the F.B.I questioning some of the internet principles, it has resorted to using internet as a means of investigation.

Thus, it would be better if social media is used in a constructive manner. This would make the society a better place to live in.

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