Social Media more dangerous than cigarette

Posted By: Rahul

Social Media more dangerous than cigarette

A new online study has found out that the urge to use social media is uncontrollable and often results in people getting addicted to them. The study also revealed that social media addiction is more than even cigarettes and alcohol addiction.

This is a shocking fact and is sure to raise a few eyebrows in the digital world as new revelations about the ill effects of social media are being brought to light everyday. According to a research carried out among people aged between 18 to 25, these people couldn't control the urge to use social media despite making efforts to control the urge. This according to psychiatrists leads to low self esteem and reduced concentration levels among other mental disorders.

Social Media more dangerous than cigarette

The research also throws some light on the fact that the respondents had a greater degree of addiction to use Facebook and update status rather than having a puff or consuming alcohol. In other words we can say that most of the people would give in to the urge to use Facebook rather than other desires like smoking, drinking alcohol etc.

When psychologists were told about these facts, they expressed shock and anguish and also pointed out that the social media addiction will lead to reduced creativity and creation of passive thoughts in the mind which is going to affect the overall productivity in people.

Thus, an open debate about this must be held and steps must be taken to prevent social media over-usage and social media addiction.

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