Social network is getting private

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Social network is getting private


Whether it comes to the trimming of friends lists, removal of the unwanted comments or the restriction of access to the profiles, Americans are becoming privacy savvy on the social networks, states a report.

A report by Pew Internet & American Life Project found that uses of Facebook are managing their privacy settings and online reputation more frequently now when compared to a couple of years back.

These findings comes one day after Obama administration asked for strong privacy protections for those using the mobile devices, Internet and the other technologies with increased tracking in a sophisticated manner.

The findings suggest that the users are not only concerned about their online privacy but they also try to manage provided they are given the required tools. The profile pruning is also increasing with almost two thirds of the social network users claiming that they deleted friends last year.

Even more users are untagging the photos and this is extensively more on Facebook. Moreover, women are the ones who are restricting their profiles more than men.

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