Social networking helps children

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Social networking helps children

Students who are not able to convince their parents and teachers about spending most of their time on social networks and making them understand that this is not a waste of time can now have a very good reason. Researchers of University of Minnesota have now found out the educational benefits of these websites.

Christine Greenhowm a researcher of learning technologies in the University as well as a principal investigator of this study claims that they have found that the students who use the social networks aare practicing the 21st century skills that even the adults have to develop to be successful.

They also claim that these websites will offer enormous educational potential and the students will develop a positive attitude by using the technology systems, customizing and editing content and also thinking about the online design as well as layout.

They share their original work including film, poetry and others with safe and good use of the internet and its technology. The social networking sites offer a great opportunity to the educators enabling them to support and also influence online learning to students.

The researchers feel that only very few of the students are completely aware of these opportunities. So it is now the duty of students to convince their parents and teachers and mingle with one another to find out these opportunities before them.

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