Social Networking slowly losing it's shine among the Indian Youth

Posted By: Rahul

Social Networking slowly losing it's shine among the Indian Youth

Social Networking, by far the best things to have happened in the internet world is slowly losing it's sheen among the youth of India according to a survey. This survey was carried out in the top metropolitan cities of India and among youth aged between 13 and 29.

The results of the survey is sure to be demoralising for all social networking majors in India as the youth are not preferring to use social media, social networking much these days.

One major reason for this trend is the health issues cropping up as a result of excessive social networking usage. The respondents of the survey also reported that they experienced fatigue after surfing(using) social networking sites and also reduced attention spans as well as lesser creativity.

These findings are surely shocking in a time where new social networking sites are being launched every day.

According to the study, youth in the Indian capital of Delhi reported that they are no longer interested to use social networking sites and have also deleted their accounts to focus on studies/work(life altogether) more than social media.  One other reason for the downward spiral of social media has been attributed to their monotonous nature.

The average time spent on social media sites is drastically going down in other states of India as well. Thus, we can conclude that the youth of India have finally realized the ill-effects of social media and are working on retaining/ improving creativity rather than losing them for social netorking. Is it the beginning of social media's decline in India? Let's wait and watch.

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