SocialRadar Mobile Network Arrives for iPhone

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A brand new inclusion has been made in the ever-growing world of social networking. According to reports, SocialRadar has released its long and highly anticipated mobile app for iOS. For those who are unsure, SocialRadar is a DC-based startup led by ex-chief executive of Blackboard, Michael Chasen.

The SocialRadar app, which makes use of other popular social networks (including the likes of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) with geo-location data, allows users to find out whether someone within their own network is nearby. The app also provides information on what basis you are connected to the other person and whether both of you have any kinds of shared interests.

SocialRadar Mobile Network Arrives for iPhone

"[SocialRadar] is something that will fundamentally change the way [people] meet and connect in the real world," said CEO and founder Michael Chasen. "We believe that if you walk into a room, there should be a way to let you know that there are people there that you know or friends of people you know."

"Whether you'll use it to find dates or as a networking tool or for hanging out - it's up to you...we're offering something that's never been available before."

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Although some will claim that the SocialRadar's concept is nothing new and that we have already seen similar features via Sonar and Highlight, Chasen claims that SocialRadar will offer real-time updates on only the people who are most relevant to the user and will be most interested in interacting with based on the current network - something that other similar apps failed to offer.

"Unlike [previous attempts at location-based people discovery], the user experience is customized and personalized per user," said co-founder and CMO Kevin Alansky.

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Apart from that, the app also features cool options such as setting radar range to see people in a specific or broad location, chat with friends nearby or far, control battery consumption with the built-in Battery Manager, setting custom alerts to get notified if certain people or people with certain interests are nearby, and more.

The SocialRadar app is currently available for iPhones running iOS 7.0 or more.

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