Top 10 Security Tips for Facebook

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    While Social Media has many a benefits, it too has its own set of backdrops. Doing something too cheesy might harness your personal security. So always beware of what your are doing. But here's is a set of few tips and tricks that will possibly keep your safe during your Facebook antics!

    This is something that you should NEVER do! Uploading your mobile no and home address on your Facebook account can draw you into tons of problem.

    Putting your personal mail id is not a great practice. This might result in filling your inbox with tons of spamming contents. In the worst scenario an occasional hacker out there might try to hack your mail account for fun! Additionally you're giving him a deadly weapon to break into most of your other online accounts - since it's highly likely that you used your mail id as your username in most other Social media accounts. Rather ask yourself do you really need to post your email id in your profile?

    While logging onto FB you might be ticking this keep me logged in box. But better be aware that this is not a safe practice. Consider a situation that you have forget your laptop in a hyper market one day - and FB is logged on since you have ticked that ‘Keep me logged in' option. Now anyone can open your laptop and enter your Facebook account and post all wrong stuff!

    Just like the previous slide, the counter indications of this practice is also the same. Posting logging into Facebook from the cyber café you might forget to log out (and that's the case most of the time). While most persons coming next to you might be generous and log out of your account, there would be an occasional one who would try do something wrong using your account.

    Accepting friend request from anonymous person is something that even Facebook itself doesn't recommend. By doing so you are giving him/her access to your photos and posts. On of these may be used by them for all wrong reasons. In 99.99 percent of the cases, this isn't the case. But better be safe than never!

    Just in case you get a sms from an unknown person on Facebook asking for your email id as he/she requires some help from you - DON'T REPLY! Recently a group of from the countries like Senegal, Nigeria and other are using images of girls to lure you to divulge their mail id. Then they use this id to continuously spam your account.

    Just in case you have planned to go on a lavish trip to somewhere for a week or so, try not to post the details on FB. Posting about the details i.e. time of departure and arrival might be a blessing in disguise for the robber out there! Do it at your own risk, since you house will be potent to burglary.

    This is something that it recommended for you to follow - but it is not mandatory by any means. Accepting office colleagues as friend means that your personal posts can now be seen by them. Often you might like to post stuffs on Facebook that you don't want your office colleague to see!

    While posting status or photos on Facebook do make sure that the permission of the post is set as Friends. This means that only your friend can see your post in Facebook - keeping it public is not a secure habit, as it means that anyone and everyone can see your post. Especially someone may use your image for all wrong purposes - may be for creating a false government document.

    Last but not the least do update your antivirus protection weekly. Facebook is often target to numerous malware attacks

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