Top 5 Myths About Facebook Busted

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If you are on the Internet from longer time, you have probably came across hundreds of hoaxes floating around. While, there are many myths of the popular social networking site.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 1.44 billion monthly active users. We all know that the search option in the Facebook is mostly used for searching people and other contents.

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We came with the top 5 myths about the Facebook, take a look at the slider below to know more.

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One of the slightly more worrying myths about Facebook is that it is private. Many new Facebook users are often unaware of Privacy settings and share like their are posting only to their friends but actually it will be appearing to public.

Many spread the myth every few years that the social networking is closing. It is claimed that the servers are overloaded and will be closed. However, there is no evidence to claim that the Facebook servers are overloaded.

The biggest myths about Facebook is that using it is a waste of time. But, the fact is Facebook excels at people in touch. However, millions of people use Facebook and keep in touch with relatives and makes virtual connection.

You may not pay money for using the site, but you end up paying with your personal information. You trade information, as more you put in information, the better Facebook understands you and sends you related ads.

Facebook has the largest active users than other social networking sites. Facebook need to continually innovate and develop new features that benefit both users and advertisers, then the social networking giant will not be closed any time soon.

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