Twitter Updates Search And Discover Features For Mobile Platforms

By: Gizbot Bureau

The microblogging site, Twitter has now enhanced its ‘Search and Discover' options. The improvement is made for Android and iOS smartphones and its mobile website. The site now aims at providing content in a single stream in order to enable users to find information easily.

The company is placing its focus on the "Discover tab", which includes Activity, Tweets, Trends and Suggestions. Tweets can now be integrated seamlessly into Twitter feed. The search feature, now updated, features a bunch of useful contents by combining tweets, accounts and photos as a single stream.

Twitter Updates Search And Discover Features For Mobile Platforms

A new search button had been enabled for iPhone and Android users. The new update also adds a magnifying glass button which is placed right next to the compose button. Users can now tap URLs within the tweets without even activating the link.

The new apps included in the social networking site, makes interactions easier. The connect tab enabled with ‘Interaction' is a default view, and this helps users to keep track of re-tweets, follow ups and mentions in a single window. Users can select the button of their choice to view contents. For example, if a user wants to see ‘mentions', he/she can just select mention button.

Opening the links from mobile apps is made easier with the recent update. Earlier the links had to be opened in two steps, which can now be done quicker with a click. This hints that the content in the stream can be received faster. It is, however, time for twitter to change its aging mobile-app design, which is due for renewal.

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