Twitter Buys Computing Startup Ubalo for Speeding up its Backend

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Twitter now owns Ubalo the company that provides various services to speed up the coding process. It has now found the way to speed up its back-end.

Reportedly, Ubalo described its business as a way "to make large-scale computing easier and more accessible to a technical audience." It refers to its chief technology as "pods," which may contain code, data and any other files needed to support a developer's application.

Twitter Buys Computing Startup Ubalo for Speeding up its Backend

Their services actually focuses on more efficient scaling of the codes across multiple computers. Ubalo takes care of the details behind the scenes when a user runs a pod. The Palo Alto-based startup Ubalo founded in 2011 whose previous works included projects that aimed to reduce the image processing time for an application that uploaded files to Amazon's S3 web storage service, and retrieving and processing certain data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Ubalo's original aim was to provide a place for a code to run in the cloud without the need for major service calls, rewrites or setting up of virtual machines. Twitter may use it to scale its massive databases and the engines behind the hundreds of millions of daily tweets. However, Twitter's plans to incorporate Ubalo's technology into its back-end systems remains unclear.

"When we met the infrastructure folks at Twitter, we realized that it's a company with brilliant people, strong momentum, exciting challenges and a promising future," Ubalo's co-founders wrote in a post on their website.

Twitter after acquiring several other notable softwares like, We Are Hunted to create their own Twitter Music app as well as the social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs, ultimately ends up buying Ubalo.

Though the acquisition is official, Twitter hasn't commented and its press page doesn't carry any statement either but the only comment which says, "We look forward to working with Twitter in the years to come." on Ubalo's website.

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