Twitter gets sued in Brazil for containing confidential information

Posted By: Rahul

Twitter gets sued in Brazil for containing confidential information

Twitter, one of the world's most used social networking site is set to be sued by the Brazilian Government since it helps people in Brazil to avoid traffic checkpoints , traffic controls and also provides alerts regarding police surveillance and other details that are supposed to be kept confidential. These Twitter alerts according to the Government blocks the police from discharging their duties effectively.

Taking all these into consideration, the Attorney General Of Brazil has filed an injunction seeking suspension of Twitter profiles of people who resort to tweeting information about locations of checkpoints, traffic controls and speed traps. The petitioner has also sought to impose a fine of Rs 50,000 a day on people who tweet about sensitive information.

This has led to widespread criticism from all quarters as Brazil is rapidly growing on Twitter and currently has 33.3 million accounts and is the second largest country on Twitter.

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